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    Piccosoft Software Labs Private Limited

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    Chennai - 600044
    +91 8667894772
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      Flat No. F3,
      Ranga Flats, Hasthinapuram Main Road, Nehru Nagar ,
      Chennai - 600044
      Tamil Nadu.

      Business timings

      • SundayHolidayClosed
      • Monday9:30AM - 7:00PMClosed
      • Tuesday9:30AM - 7:00PMClosed
      • Wednesday9:30AM - 7:00PMClosed
      • Thursday9:30AM - 7:00PMClosed
      • Friday9:30AM - 7:00PMClosed
      • Saturday9:30AM - 7:00PMClosed

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        *Company That Doesnt Care of Employee *
        02/08/2019, 07:38

        Anywhere u get a chance to look at this review before attending the interview in piccosoft think that u have done some good deed in Ur life.Will come to the point basically I have worked in the piccosoft for 1year and my opinion is it is not a company it is a military school.I list out the rules and regulations of the company which actually gives u an overview about it.First thing u shouldn't talk with the people sitting beside u and also u shouldn't talk with anybody during the office hours inside the office.All u need to do is just to stare at the laptop and sit simply even when u r stressed.And the pay u'll be getting is so low and they'll create scene as if they r giving us good pay.Blood sucking company and u can't see a better politics outside than this company.So much of partiality, politics, pressure.Best advice is not to go for this company evening for interviews and also u have to invest in Ur money and u should tolerate all their behaviours.

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        View Reviews 0 reviews
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