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Amrita ENT HospitalVerified by Yellowpages

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KPHB Colony
Hyderabad - 500085.
+91 7032255931Back to Overview

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    Not trust worthy Doctor
    01/03/2019, 22:36

    we have approached Dr. Greeshma P, for adenoid/ tonsil surgery, after investigation, came a conclusion, that here is a need for surgery and quoted for 50,000 (fifty thousand all inclusive), As we have insurance, they have sent a higher quote to the Insurance company and got an approval for 57,000, with an additional of 10050 as copay. At the time of discharge, they demanded to pay more than what was initially quoted, saying as tax deduction.I was surprised on seeing the bill raised to Insurance company, they have mentioned the surgeries which have not performed just to get more money approved by Insurance company.I was being asked to pay 10000, whereas the surgery estimate itself is 50000. I was misled. (felt emotional as it is a matter of health and did not utter a word for the excess pay). Not even the top notch corporate hospitals quote as high as Amrita Hospital. Highly corrupt/ mal practice to make more rupees. Doctor need to strict to their words.

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    View Reviews 0 reviews
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