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27 reviews

RTC X Roads
Hyderabad - 500020.
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  • 0
    11/01/2019, 16:25

    wow superb quality tents with low cost.

  • 0
    Yash Motors
    11/01/2019, 16:05

    Amazing tents,best quality products. thanks to Hitechpublicity

  • 0
    Captain Bikes
    11/01/2019, 16:01

    Good designers with good quality canopy tents. thanks to Hitechpublicity..

  • 0
    Gas Agency
    11/01/2019, 15:53

    Best canopy supplier my sales increased with his tents thanks to hitech publicity.I am a Indane Gas Dealer.

  • 0
    Akshay Motors
    11/01/2019, 15:48

    This is a very good tent. We have been using it for publicity in Hyderabad. Fabric quality is impressive and the overall is so easy to set up. Thanks to Hitechpublicity

  • 0
    Raj Bike
    11/01/2019, 15:41

    Excellent Superb tents.

  • 0
    Bajaj Motors
    11/01/2019, 15:35

    Best advertising products,and good quality with low price. iam happy with this tents. thanks to Srinivas Garu.

  • 0
    Varun SK
    11/01/2019, 15:28

    Best product I Get Form Hitech Publicity The Demo tents are good and Low Price.

  • 0
    Suzuki automobiles
    11/01/2019, 15:24

    Best quality t shirt suppliers they did good work . Thanks to Hitech Publicity

  • 0
    Vasu Automobiles
    11/01/2019, 15:20

    Good demo tent supplier, I get low price demo tent for hitech publicity, oh god what a range of demo tents, it`s good collection. I am happy with the service !! thanks to hitechpublicity.

  • 0
    Dental Camping
    11/01/2019, 15:14

    Easy Install able & Dismantle. Best useful for my hospital to keep free dental camps. Thanks to HitechPublicicity.

  • 0
    Water Purifiers
    11/01/2019, 15:05

    Purchased demo tents at hitech Publicity & sold all our water purifiers comfortably though its summer season.And we got enough profit than sitting & selling in shop without advertising offers.

  • 0
    Ayan Herbal
    11/01/2019, 15:00

    Its best for Marketing herbal products in taking closer to customers as it will be visible to people roaming and can install in main centres & crowded areas as I did. Thanks Hitech Publicity.

  • 0
    Stationery shop
    11/01/2019, 14:55

    These Canopy tents of hitech publicity were very useful for me as I will be selling 2nd hand books on holidays under the canopy tent. They provided me high quality fabric tents which I`m using from many days.

  • 0
    Pawan automobiles
    11/01/2019, 14:49

    Good demo tents suppliers, Best Quality Products. thanks to Hitech Publicity.

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    View Reviews 0 reviews
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