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Chennai - 600116.
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    Nice Images
    27/06/2017, 16:47

    Great Work!!

  • 1
    Wonderful Images
    05/06/2017, 07:55

    I would strongly recommend LITE-N-BRITE Clicks, From the moment we met He was very clear in all his correspondence before the wedding and arrived early on the day and was really careful about giving us all space without missing any important moments. We were really impressed with the coverage of the day, and the beautiful finish to the shots. Thank you!”

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    Best quality service
    31/05/2017, 13:23

    I recommend Suriya for capturing our best moments of life to memorize.

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    Best Wedding Photographer
    31/05/2017, 13:18

    I strongly recommend LITE-N-BRITE Clicks for wedding and candid photography. They did an awesome job in capturing all the moments. Dedicated and energetic people with lot of creative ideas.

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    View Reviews 0 reviews
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